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Dr. Vienna Lafrenz, PhD, IMD, HC

My Most Popular Service is "Remote Quantum Biofeedback" Book a Session Today and See what it can Do for YOU!!

Even though this process takes place over a period of time and is not a once off "cure" the results are astounding.

What you can expect from a Quantum Biofeedback session?

During and after SCIO sessions, clients can experience different sensations. They can feel energized, sometimes very relaxed and even emotional. A process of adjustment has been initiated where old, dysfunctional energetic patterns are released and new functional and healthy energetic circuits are formed right inside the consciousness of their cells! Some clients find that their symptoms temporarily heighten, as these symptoms are brought to the surface and then gradually start to improve and dissipate. 

What Other Services I Offer to Achieve Your Highest Potential of Health?

Certified Chopra Teacher in Ayurveda

Learn how to create a natural balance in your life


Learn how to use and experience the energy and power of Essential oils

Emotional Freedom

Optimalize Your Feelings and Emotions

Balance Body Mind Spirit

Becoming your Highest Self

lose weight, weight loss, belly

Weight Loss

From Quantum Biofeedback, Remote Quantum Biofeedback to Nutrition we have more options today Find out what works for your system

Everyone has toxins so it's important to cleanse the body. There are many types of detoxification some examples are heavy metals, organs, fungus, bacteria to name a few at Natural Therapeutics I provide many ways to achieve this. This can also be done with remote Quantum Biofeedback

What People Are Saying

Thanks NT my studies have improved so much with the Remote QuantumBiofeedback it has improved my concentration. Grades going up parents happy.
Paul davis
So Amazing, Vienna and the remote Biofeedback have taught me so much about my body, mind and Spirit. Thank you
Emma Rogers

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