The Quantum Biofeedback

How does it work? It operates within the theories of Quantum Physics. When the device scans the body via in-person or by Remote YES.. ” in the comfort of your own home! Or your “happy place” To maximize your healing potential!

The Device sends a pulse to your body, Then mapping the body and its organs and reveal abnormalities. The Device reports a mathematical model based on Voltage, Amperage and resistance of the body. The Device reports on the biological reactivity and resistance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities.

The information provided is fundamentally different from that provided by X-rays, blood tests, CAT scans, because it tells the energetic state of the body and the direction in which your body is focusing its energy. Once the Device has measured vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, food substances, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, toxins, hormone levels, bacteria, molds, fungi, dis-ease, and the health and balance states of internal organs, it compares the figures to the “Normal”.

During therapy, measurements of the body’s resonance/reactivity patterns help determine the change that occurred in the time period since the previous measurements (less than second earlier). If there has not been a improvement, the input resonance of the frequency that the device emits is altered. It maintains each beneficial setting as long as it is helping, and changes it as required.

Quantum Biofeedback and Remote Biofeedback are high technology therapy for the 21st century! (The Quantum Biofeedback system and the information presented on this website are not intended to DIAGNOSE or TREAT any medical condition). It is a registered stress reduction device. And “is not a DIAGNOSTIC TOOL”. Always consult a licensed physician if you need medical care and diagnosis.

While we cannot technically and for legal reasons diagnose you for any sicknesses or diseases. We can provide information as to what and on how the “stressors” are manifesting and possibly affecting your body in a multitude of ways. Pointing to all of these different areas: As follows

  • Allergies
  • Immune system weakness
  • Parasites, fungus, bacteria, virus
  • Brain, EEG, brain wave imbalance, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar
  • Nutritional deficiency, poor digestion, malabsorption
  • Toxicity level from environment, chemical, EMF, Radiation
  • Mental and emotional stressors, anxiety, depression
  • Deep rooted trauma
  • Adrenal stress-organ system,¬† chromosomes
  • Blood sugar imbalance, enzymatic dysfunction¬†
  • Energy body/Aura measurement
  • Acupuncture points; subtle energy system, geopathic stress
  • Dental, bone, ligaments, spine
  • And many more informative systems of the body